Bhanwar Lal Sharma was born in an ordinary family on 2 October 1925 at his maternal home. His Grandfather(Nanami) was a physician. His Grandfather(Dadaji) Shri Kalyan Ballabhji used to practice law. His Grandmother Mrs. Durga Devi ji, father Mr. Nand Kishore ji was a lawyer.

Education: School Education is from Pareek School and LLB from Pareek College. Salary also could not attract him due to not being satisfied with the job in the Revenue Department and being devoted to public service. He was the Jaipur City President of Jansangh.

  • 1961 Sabhapati Nagar Parishad Jaipur.
  • Was a member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from 1977-80, 1980-85, 1985-1990, 1990-1992, 1993-1998-2003.
  •  1978-1980, Minister of Education-Sports Autonomous Government and Urban Development and Housing Departments.
  • Till 1980-1990, the whip remained of the BJP Legislature Party.
  •  He was a minister from 1990-1992 and 1993-1998. Public Health Engineer, Ground Water, Urban Development and Housing, Sports, Senator and Member of Syndicate of Rajasthan University.
  • Was the chairman of the Sports Board. He was the chairman of U.I.T.From January 1986 to December 1987, from July 1989 to March 1990, from 2000 to September 2002, was the responsibility of the State President of Rajasthan BJP.

Likes and Dislikes: - He always had high thoughts of simple living. That's why he liked to eat easy, simple and nutritious food. Most of them he used to like home food only. He liked sweets in food. Kheer and Mohanthal were special favourites. He used to eat home-made pani patasi with great interest. He had never tasted tea, coffee or chilli. To develop physical ability, he was always interested in sports and exercise, so he was an expert in Lathbaji, kabbadi, wrestling, chess. He was a very good swimmer and swam across the Ramgarh Dam many times. He was extremely fond of punctuality. He was always conscious about the education of girls. He Wanted to provoke the importance of women in every field. That was his idea. By exposing women in all fields, development of all place. Therefore, women must get equal opportunities as men. He was also a social reformer. Tried his best to remove social evils, he was a strict opponent of Parda Pratha, death feast, band baja and dowry. He started following it from the family itself, he used to say that it is unnecessary and makes a person financially burdensome and increases mutual competition, so the evils of the society should be removed.


What have you learned: -

Papaji has always been my inspiration. Learned easy and simple life from him, respect towards everyone, sense of humility and dedication towards the society and the nation should be the goal of life. Should reach the common people. To listen and solve the problems of even the smallest person and to be aware of giving them proper benefits. He made me aware of this goal. He lived his whole life following the footsteps of Pt. Deendayal ji and adopted his principles in life. When he refused to become the governor. Papaji always maintained that throughout his life he was ahead and Government was behind him. As far as becoming governor was concerned. He believed that the post of governor is like a golden cage, in which all the work is done according to the rules. How long can you talk to the person who comes to meet him, he did not like it, he had such an experience when he once went to Gujarat Raj Bhawan to meet Master Sundar Singh Bhandari. He always liked to be in the midst of the public and the workers. The post of Governor had no importance in front of public service. That's why whenever he became a minister, his own residence remained at Gangauri Bazar and never took a government bungalow.

Children's introduction: - Mr. Sharma Have 5 Children - 2 Daughter and 3 Son. All are married, all have their own business: -

Daughter- Smt. Bharti Sharma Retired R.S.M.M.,

Daughter- Smt. Manju Sharma Social Worker

Son- Mr. Pradeep Sharma, Daughter-in-law Mrs. Avatika Sharma

Son- Manoj Sharma, Daughter-in-law Mrs. Nidhi Sharma

Son- Sukesh Sharma, Daughter-in-law Mrs.Neelam Sharma


Complete Political Information: -

I am very lucky I took birth in the house of such a great person. I have been very close to my father. I have seen and known them closely. I saw how work is done with sincerity and honesty in politics. One thing he always said was that one should never be proud of power. The public salutes the chair. For patriotism, he choose the Sangh branch and became a Pracharak. Became a Self volunteer but destiny had decided something else.

After the establishment of Jan Sangh, a question arose that who would look after the work of Jan Sangh in Jaipur? So Papaji was selected from Sangh for the work of Jansangh. He was told that you have to go to Jan Sangh and form a party. But he did not want to work in politics. That's why they kept refusing. When he was told that this is the order of the Sangh, he said that on the orders of the Sangh, I can jump into the well, then this is the Jan Sangh. Thus began the political journey of Papaji. Which lasted without stopping as long as they wanted. After the 1998 elections, he himself refused that he would neither contest any election nor take any post, but would only work for the party. He was again given the responsibility of Sah-Sanpark Pramukh in the Sangh. Even after being told by the top leaders, instead of contesting the election himself, he started getting a new worker of the party to win the ticket. When the party talked about giving tickets to the family, he refused. He fought the elections from Municipal Council to Vidhansabha at a very low cost and was always victorious.

Because he had close contact with the workers. To be involved in their pain, to listen to their problems, to solve them, to be involved in their happiness. There should be contact in their families of 3 generations. To consider every worker as a member of his family and treat him in the same way.

He used to talk to the workers even while doing Shaving, taking bath and getting massages done. He said that it is not right to make someone wait when someone comes to you in distress. I saw that he used to leave Chandpol Hanuman Mandir at 6-7 in the morning for public relations in his assembly with a group of workers on foot and by 2 in the afternoon. he would return home after completing the public relations. Used to spend less time in his assembly and more time in other assembly. He used to work in the area for the whole 5 years so that he could win other seats, so people themselves used to say “Bhaya ji unde aawa ki jarurat kauni vote to thane hi dewanla.” I saw him working even during emergency. How did he work under difficult circumstances? Many times he used to tell things that gave goosebumps. He conducted the movement successfully by staying out of the Emergency for 12 months and yet the police could not arrest him by surrender himself. Even after staying inside the jail for 6 months, he led the people inside and helped other people. When he went to Ajmer Jail, there was a boy, his sister was getting married and that boy was about to be released after 4 days of his sister's marriage. Talked to the jailer on the basis of legal knowledge. Released early, he still praises the party. There are many other such works which he got done by giving legal advice to the people while in jail. Even when he was in power, he left the mark of his honesty, ideals and dutifulness.


Ideal: -

When I (Daughter) came to college, He was the education minister. My numbers were less. Didn't get admission in Maharani College, then I studied in Kanodia College. That is, the rules are the same for all. Made you realize that you are no one special. While being a minister in the government, he believed in living a simple life, power comes and goes, live as you always wanted. While in the government, when it was a matter of giving departments, he used to say that two departments which serve the people and are associated with the people, the water supply department and the autonomous government department, in which service can be done. The leaders of the opposition were also impressed by his practicality and working style. That's why even after working in politics for such a long time, he had rivals but not enemies. Once when he was a minister, at the request of Haridev Joshi ji, a school was opened in his area and the party people got angry. Then he said that a school was opened on my request, so what happened, only the children would study there. The school had to be opened, what happened? You should work with a big heart. He was sent to London in the meeting of Common Wealth in the Congress government. There are many stories of his punctuality. Never wore a watch to see the time and never broke the punctuality. He liked being among his workers. When he said that the new president needs time to work, elections are ahead. He Resigned from the post of president Before 6 months and Mrs. Vasundhara ji selected as a New president. Always remained in the forefront as the party's troubleshooter. After his announcement of not contesting elections and not taking up any post in any party organisation, many organizations wanted to honour him. But he very casually said that I have not done any great work for which I should be honoured. In the 1998 election, Papaji alone won the election from Jaipur. When I came from the counting, he asked to me what was going on. I said that the counting of votes is going on. But behind. He Became very restless. Because Some people had brought laddoos and firecrackers at papaji's home. He Sent them back not celebrating their victory as the rest of the party followed behind. Papaji was as good a politician as he was a great Jan Sewak and an equally good lawyer. As soon as he went to the government, he used to go to the court wearing a coat. He was also responsible towards the society. He was fighting the case of Hindu-Muslim riots of Malpura in 1990. There were many people in it. Once everyone together brought 70-80 thousand fees. He returned that fee saying that you people were also fighting for the society. Returned the fees, this is just a story, there are many such examples in which the fees were not taken but the paper money itself was paid and justice was provided.

Papaji, along with Rajasthan, also developed many places like Jaipur's Pondrick Park, Jawahar Circle and just 5-7 years ago, Jaipur by constructing a grand Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital in place of Rathkhana School in Gangauri Bazaar. Gave a gift to. That's why the people of Jaipur used to call him Vidyadhar. Who had made a special contribution in settling Jaipur. Everyone was convinced of his foresight. That's why the people of Jaipur used to call him "Waah Re Maahra Bhanwar Bhaya, Jaiper ki Toh Palti Kaya."


Yes, one more thing Papaji used to say that if your mother (Premkanta) had not supported me then it would not have been easy for me to do politics. She supported me step by step in good and bad times. That's why I was able to achieve this success - there should be harmony in the society and Hindutva should remain awake. With this idea, many Shobha Yatras were started in Jaipur, out of which today Ganesh Shobha Yatra and Hanuman Shobha Yatra of Hanuman Jayanti have taken a huge form. He used to say that to be successful in power, you should have a hold on the officials and you should have complete information about the matter under discussion. Secondly, today's work, he used to say that there was no file pending on his table. "His will Power was very strong." Even after losing the eyesight of both of them, they kept going to the court for many years and were not able to see for about 15-17 years. But he never allowed it to become a weakness, but when his body became weak, he reduced his activity a bit but continued to remain concerned about the party till the end.