Harishankar Bhabhada, a resident of Didwana, who journeyed from the municipality of Didwana to the Parliament of the nation, also he was the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Assembly Speaker, BJP State President, Rajya Sabha MP, and MLA. Harishankar Bhabhada was born in the Khirki Darwaza area of Didwana on 6 August 1928 to Shri Mannalal Bhabhada. His mother's name was Mohani Devi. Bhama ji's primary education took place in Nagpur.

Bhabhada ji obtained a Bachelor of Law degree from Law College, Nagpur. Harishankar ji participated in the Quit India Movement of 1942. He was also the secretary of the Didwana Salt Traders Association in 1948. Bhabhada remained associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh since childhood. In 1948, he spent eight months in jail during a Satyagraha demanding the lifting of the ban on the Sangh.

Bhabhada in active politics - Harishankar Bhabhad, who was counted among the top leaders of Jan Sangh and BJP, was also the vice president and treasurer of the state unit of Bharatiya Jan Sangh from 1952 to 2008.

Didwana Palika Vice President Bhabhada- Harishankar, a lawyer by profession, also began again his advocacy in Bhabhada Didwana. Bhabhada first became the Vice Chairman of Didwana Municipality in the year 1957. He remained in this post till 1959. In the year 1963, Didwana was the only municipality in the entire Rajasthan in which Harishankar got the majority of non-Congress members and became the Vice President of Didwana Municipality for the second time by being elected a member of this board. In the year 1971, he was again elected as a member of Didwana Municipality. During the Emergency, Bhabhada remained in jail for 18 months from 12 July 1975 to 26 January 1977. He was elected a Rajya Sabha member from Rajasthan in the year 1978 and remained a Rajya Sabha member till 1984.


BJP State President Harishankar Bhabhada In the year 1981, after Jagdish Prasad Mathur, Harishankar Bhabhada was made the second president of the Rajasthan unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party, he remained in this post till the year 1986. Harishankar Bhabhada was the second leader of BJP in the history of Rajasthan BJP till date (after Ramdas Aggarwal from 1990 to 1997) for 6 years, he held the post of State President of BJP for a long time of 5 years. Bhabhada became the third person from Didwana to reach the post of president in Jan Sangh and BJP. Before him, Pt. Bachchraj Vyas of Didwana became the national president of Jan Sangh in the year 1965 and Gumanmal Lodha became the president of the state unit of Jan Sangh in the year 1969.

Assembly Speaker and Deputy Chief Minister - In the year 1985, Bhabhada contested elections for the first time on a BJP ticket from the Ratangarh seat of Churu district and reached the Assembly after winning. After this, he reached the assembly by winning from the same seat continuously in 1990 and 1993. On 16 March 1990, he was elected Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly and remained in this post till 1993. After this, he was again elected Speaker of the Assembly on 30 December 1993 for the 10th Assembly. Due to Chief Minister Bhairo Singh Shekhawat being on a foreign tour, at the behest of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Advani, Harishankar Bhabhada took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan on 4 December 1993. The Additional District Collector Office was established in Didwana in the year 1996 and City Dispensary at Kot Gate is the result of the efforts of Harishankar Bhabhada.


He is the only leader of the Rajasthan BJP to hold this post. Bhabhada remained in this post till 30 November 1998. He contested the elections from Ratangarh Assembly for the fourth time in 1998 but this time he lost the election to Pt. Jaidev Prasad Indoria of Congress. Contested the assembly elections for the last time from Ratangarh in 2003 and lost to independent Rajkumar Rinwa, but the Vasundhara Raje government of the state made him the vice-chairman of the Economic Policy and Reforms Council and gave him the status equivalent to that of a cabinet minister, due to which Vasundhara Raje was elected from Didwana during this tenure of the government. Two became cabinet ministers. Didwana MLA Yunus Khan was already a cabinet minister in the Vasundhara government. Bhabhads has a record of being an MLA from Ratangarh assembly constituency for the longest period (13 years).



When Atal ji was brought to Didwana - Harishankar Bhabhada has good relations with all the leaders. The present Governor Kalraj Mishra is a friend of Bhabhada. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has also been in touch with Harishankar Bhabhada since the days of Jan Sangh. On the invitation of Bhabhada, Atal Bihari Vajpayee also came to Didwana by bus. Present Union Minister Arjun Meghwal was the OSD of Bhabhada in the year 1994. After 2008, Harishankar Bhabhada distanced himself from active politics. Bhabhada is associated with many social organizations in Didwana. At present he is also the president of Didwana Dadhich Samaj, Sanatan Dharma Sabha Didwana.